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Big Minds is a pioneering school for children grades 1-8. At Big Minds, students are encouraged to participate in designing their day and selecting learning activities. Our school uses the Big Minds QUEST™ Learning Model, designed by Dr. Hayes to meet the unique academic needs of twice exceptional children. When they are not working with a teacher, students are encouraged to play, generate activities, find their own fun, and exercise their imagination. Using a flexible framework, students are guided as they explore their passions, learn to problem-solve, and develop social skills.

Big Minds QUEST™ Learning Model






Big Minds QUEST™ learning allows students to ask the big questions that reflect their interests and passions. Faculty help them learn to formulate ideas and conduct research in order to understand topics at a deep level. Students begin to explore ways to integrate their learning into their lives in an authentic way. Faculty and students strategize methodology and compile findings related to each student’s work. Finally, students can then reach out to others to teach them what they know.