Dr. Melanie Hayes – Founder and Executive Director. Melanie is a 2e expert. She holds a doctorate in educational leadership, a masters in gifted education, a California teaching credential, and is currently working toward an MFT/LPCC license. Melanie has 20 years experience teaching, mentoring, coaching, and advocating for 2e children. She won the Innovations for Entrepreneurs National Award for her work using adaptive technology for twice exceptional students and the Jefferson Award in recognition of her contributions to the 2e community. Melanie is a certified SENG Model Parent Group Facilitator and consults with parents to help them develop their parenting skills. She supports professionals through working with various professional associations, such as the IECA, where she serves as the Affinity Group Co-Chair for Gifted/Talented and Twice Exceptional. You can read more about her work and family in her blog at https://drhayes2e.com/ or in her book, “We Tried Normal” available on Amazon.