Dr. Melanie Hayes – Director. Melanie is a 2e expert. She holds a doctorate in educational leadership, an MA in gifted education, a California teaching credential, and has 10 years experience teaching, mentoring, coaching, and advocating for 2e children. She is also a certified SENG Model Parent Group Facilitator. She won the Innovations for Entrepreneurs National Award for her work using adaptive technology for twice exceptional students and the Jefferson Award in recognition of her contributions to the 2e community. She also has a 2e son and daughter, so she experiences life with 2e children on an intensely personal level. She is intimately familiar with the joys and hardships of raising and educating exceptional children. You can read more about her work and family in her blog, “We Tried Normal,” at https://drmhayes.com/

Judy Jones – Assistant Director. Judy has a Master of Arts in Elementary Education and a Certificate of Advanced Study in Human Development from Harvard University. She has over 40 years of experience in the field of education working with students of all ages. She has both college and university teaching experience, as well as teaching experience in traditional and non-traditional classrooms for young children. Judy has a Multiple Subjects Credential Grades K-12 and a Special Education Credential with Autism Certification for Mild to Moderate populations. Judy has successfully raised a 2e son and daughter to adulthood and has a deep knowledge of best practices for supporting 2e children.

Nikaela Bradford – Art Teacher. Nikaela is a talented artist who creates incredible work in both traditional and computer-aided media. She is also a 2e person who brings her enthusiasm and personal understanding of 2e issues to her work with our students.

Anthony Medina – Computer Teacher. Anthony brings his enthusiasm, energy, and guidance to help students build, create, and learn. He is also a science nerd, gamer, and techie, who leads students in exciting online and real-world adventures.

Veronica Ortega – Health and Wellness Teacher. Veronica is a health and fitness activist who enthusiastically engages students in a wide variety of experiences. She is a boxer, runner, dancer, and yoga practitioner who helps both faculty and students think about how we care for our health.

Aaron McCray-Goldsmith – Science Teacher. Aaron holds a BS degree in Physics and brings science and engineering to life through his hands-on experiments. From rocket fuel to molecular gastronomy, Aaron engages students in his love for mad science.

Seth Young – Literacy Coach. Seth is a writer and storyteller who loves to wrap stories into project based learning. His long term goal is to be an English professor and he is currently working towards his degree.

Taylor Odom – Math Coach. Taylor loves math! She is working toward her degree in mathematics and wants to teach children to learn to love math too. She uses a multi-modality approach to help students become enthused about math.

Kat White – Music Specialist. Kat is a practicing musician and teacher who brings the world’s music to our students. Her creativity and technical skills allow her to build an eclectic program that perfectly suits our students.

Geri Engberg – Drama/Improv Specialist. Geri has been a drama and improv teacher for the past 10 years. Her program is fun and engaging, but also, at a deeper level, helps students to communicate, cooperate, and grow their confidence.

Morgan Hayes – Literacy Intern. Morgan is a college student, writer, and researcher who is completing her first novel. She has designed our LASTing program (Live Action Story Telling) to introduce students to elements of writing through acting out their stories.

Dylan Hayes – Math Intern. Dylan is a college student who loves math. He introduces students to broad themes and concepts that help them see the beauty and power of math through his enthusiasm and his tech skills.