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Big Minds High School Mentoring Center

We are pleased announce that Big Minds is opening a high school mentoring center on March 1st.

This center is designed to give 2e teens a safe place to begin to reach out into the world and move towards adult life.

We will support our students to:

– prepare for CHSPE exam if they wish to graduate from […]

Teaching What Matters

Cognitive ability can be measured in how we process information, analyze patterns, and demonstrate manual dexterity. Yet that doesn’t begin to cover the immense capacity of the human brain.

Where do wisdom, compassion, and intuition fall on these measurement scales? Our workplace gurus and think tank predictors all say that the human capacity for wisdom, […]

Forced to be a School Boy

Recently, a parent of one of my newly enrolled students told me his son had been intellectually starved at a past school. He told me that one school day morning, his 8-year-old son woke up and through tears proclaimed, “Born to be a scientist, forced to be a school boy.”

That statement so powerfully captures […]

Visiting Dreams

This is the season for resolutions, we are seeking to fix flaws and change our lives. It is our human qualities that make us want to compare, judge, control, and aspire. We can be hard on ourselves, and on our children.

We tell them from an early age what is expected of them, what we […]

We Tried Normal – 2e Family Stories: Chapter 14

What Now?
What you have read is a glimpse into the daily lives of families with 2e children. It is just the tip of the iceberg. You may be a parent with a young 2e child, you may be his or her grandparent, or you may be a professional trying to understand twice exceptionality. Whatever […]