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Advice for 2e Adults

Many 2e adults are still struggling to figure themselves out. They often have depressing memories of how confused, frustrated, and ostracized they felt as children. These memories may continue to impact their lives as they mature. The adult world can be just as harsh and judgmental as it was when they were children; but […]

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If Only My Child Were…

In a decade of consulting, I have witnessed many parents struggling to come to terms with what it means to have a 2e child. They celebrate and they grieve. It is hard to acknowledge that your child is different. Twice exceptional children think differently, they feel differently, they act differently. You can’t mold them […]

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Raising a Preteen 2e…Wheeee!

Toddlers and teens have a lot in common. They are cranky, hard to please, intractable, dramatic, and unpredictable. Twice exceptional preteens can take it to a whole new level. While it can be unnerving, there is a good reason why your preteen is acting like a toddler. A toddler’s brain is all about learning language and an adolescent’s brain is trying to acquire emotional language. There is a lot of growing going on. […]

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What it is Like to Teach a Twice-Exceptional Child

I recently wrote a note to a student telling her how much I admired her efforts. She told me it was a little sappy.

I admit it, I am sappy. I am a happy, glass-half-full, in-love–with-the-world kind of person. Which is probably the best kind of person to work with 2e children, since they call it like they see it.

I know plenty of people who might have been hurt by such a comment, but I was thrilled. It represents a level of trust. We have a relationship that allows her to feel she can be authentic.

You have to have a pretty thick skin to get along with Twice-exceptional (2e) children. They have an uncanny skill for finding your insecurities. They will expose your underbelly before you even knew you were letting it hang out. You definitely have to be the grown up. […]

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Impulsivity or Defiance?

Impulsivity or Defiance?

The child who has been told multiple times not to throw sand at his classmates, yet he continues to throw sand.

Or the student who will not stop talking when the teacher is talking.

Or the one who repeatedly destroys other students’ creations.

The child who says whatever comes to their mind, no matter how insulting or hurtful.

You all know them. […]

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