Cats and Dogs


When I was a child I had a beloved cat. One afternoon I was in my yard, holding my cat, when a large neighborhood dog barreled around the corner and attacked the cat. My cat climbed my face and leapt away with the dog in hot pursuit. Both my cat and I have scars […]

We Tried Normal – 2e Family Stories: Chapter 14

What Now?
What you have read is a glimpse into the daily lives of families with 2e children. It is just the tip of the iceberg. You may be a parent with a young 2e child, you may be his or her grandparent, or you may be a professional trying to understand twice exceptionality. Whatever […]

We Tried Normal – 2e Family Stories: Chapter 13

Lauren and Jenny

Lauren has rarely left her room for the last few months. Despite medication and therapy, her anxiety has reached a level where it is crippling her daily activities. Her parents think that her withdrawal from the world may be the result of her lofty goals running headlong into her anxiety and perfectionism. […]

We Tried Normal – 2e Family Stories: Chapter 12


Raphael is in high school, despite a rocky educational career that has included escalating behavioral problems and several suspensions. Susan knew he was different from the day he was born. He was very alert, difficult to get to sleep, and always wanted to be around people. As soon as he could walk, he would […]

We Tried Normal – 2e Family Stories: Chapter 11

Sasha and Damon

Sasha and Damon are twins. Both have learning disabilities and are also highly gifted. They were born prematurely and their mother, Nicole, thinks that may have contributed to their disabilities. Damon and Sasha have always had difficulty with reading, writing, and math. Initially, Nicole was not actively concerned with their academic levels, […]