We Tried Normal – 2e Family Stories: Chapter 10


Kim’s parents, Alan and Amy, fit the profile of highly educated and successful people, but Amy has never been comfortable in that role. She has always tried to avoid being competitive, getting caught up in striving for what is considered successful. Consequently, when her daughter Kim was younger, Amy made great efforts to down […]

We Tried Normal – 2e Family Stories: Chapter 9

Liza and Amber

Amber has returned home for the summer from her first year of college. She is an excellent student and completed the year on the Dean’s List. In high school, Amber was successful, socially and academically; she was well liked by both her teachers and peers. Amber’s parents, Dale and Don, feel that […]

We Tried Normal – 2e Family Stories: Chapter 8


Jesse is a soft-spoken young woman whose shy smile and quiet demeanor do not give any clue to the virtuoso, operatic voice that she possesses. Jesse has been singing along with opera CDs since she was a young child and is currently enrolled in an opera program at her university. Her voice coach marvels […]

We Tried Normal – 2e Family Stories: Chapter 7

Ingrid and Greg

Joan is an intelligent, brisk, businesslike woman with warm eyes and a ready smile. She is proud to tell everyone that her daughter, Ingrid, has just recently graduated, with a degree in Journalism, and plans to be a writer. Despite a lifetime of setbacks, Ingrid is the perfect image of a successful […]

We Tried Normal – 2e Family Stories: Chapter 6


Daniel is nine years old, profoundly gifted[1], and diagnosed with sensory processing disorder[2] and ADHD[3]. He was misdiagnosed with autism when he was six. His mother, Dawn, explained, “Our pediatrician referred us to a neurologist and she referred us to a psychiatrist. Within the first five minutes of the appointment Daniel crawled under the […]