Recently, a parent of one of my newly enrolled students told me his son had been intellectually starved at a past school. He told me that one school day morning, his 8-year-old son woke up and through tears proclaimed, “Born to be a scientist, forced to be a school boy.”

That statement so powerfully captures the struggle that most 2e children go through every day they are in school. They have exquisitely complex brains that rarely get the opportunity to think deeply and creatively. According to Dr. Miracia Gross, an eminent researcher on exceptionally gifted persons, children with profound giftedness waste virtually all of their time in a traditional classroom. They are not allowed to work to their full capacity.

Our education system has been stripped of most of the complex curriculum, whittled down to math and English test preparation, homogenized history, and hands-off science. No longer are children asked to consider deep topics such as philosophy or the origins of language. Nor do they get to truly experiment with science or discover nature. There is no place for freely dancing or drawing or daydreaming. Our children are starving, hollowed out by a diet of junk education. It is a tragedy of epic proportions that is creating a generation of people who will not know how to think freely or create change. Why can’t we educate our children so they don’t have to choose between their passions and their education? We need a system that will allow a school boy to be a scientist.