Cognitive ability can be measured in how we process information, analyze patterns, and demonstrate manual dexterity. Yet that doesn’t begin to cover the immense capacity of the human brain.

Where do wisdom, compassion, and intuition fall on these measurement scales? Our workplace gurus and think tank predictors all say that the human capacity for wisdom, intuition, creativity, and compassion will be the “human currency” of the future. If that is the case, why aren’t these skills on the forefront of what we teach our children?

I believe schools should be teaching our children to uncover deeper meaning, to create something original, to trust their gut, and to serve others. They need to be able to understand the perspective of others, to admit their own ignorance, and to collaboratively solve problems. This connection to wisdom should not fall below math and science on the hierarchy of school curriculum. Wisdom is the key to understanding everything else. It is what broadens our horizons and excites our curiosity. We all want a better world, so let’s start with focusing on what we are teaching our children.