In my line of work, I see many children who are pathologized for being who they are in an educational system that doesn’t fit. I hope that Big Minds can set a standard for regular education, not just twice-exceptional. Big Minds has been a place where my son can be himself, make mistakes, and is encouraged to grow. Knowing that he is wired differently than the typical child makes a world of difference in how this is done. The teachers are able to engage with him in a relational, real-world, experiential way that suits his learning style.

– Teresa, Son 10 years old

 “Starting in kindergarten, our daughter had problems in a more traditional school setting. She was doing very well academically, but was unhappy and generally did not like going to school. Starting in fourth grade, her experience seemed to get worse, and we had her evaluated by a psychologist. She is exceptionally gifted in some areas, slightly deficient in other areas, and was diagnosed with ADHD. In other words, she was clearly identified as “2e”. Unfortunately, the school she had been attending was unable to accommodate (or even understand) her learning and social differences. Big Minds has provided her a learning environment that understands her, celebrates her strengths, and helps her build skills in the areas she needs help. I now have a child who LOVES going to school!”

– Kara, Daughter 11 years old

“Our son is twice-exceptional and wasn’t fitting into his previous school. We had been home-schooling but were looking for a better solution that could really be a good fit for him. Big Minds is a place that welcomes, accepts, and loves him for who he is. He’s not an edge-case, he’s not an oddball, he’s exactly the kind of kid the school is meant for and he fits in with the other students. He looks forward to going to school. He loves the teachers, his friends at the school, and what he’s learning and getting to do there.”

– Talia and Michael, Son 8 years old

“Melanie’s expertise has been very instrumental in helping us identify and mitigate our son’s issues. She is knowledgeable, kind, and most importantly, great with our son. Her insights into his twice exceptionality have helped us to appreciate him more and to bring out the best in us as parents.”

– Anne, Son 6 years old