“Having our son enroll at Big Minds 2 years ago was one of the best things that has ever happened in our family!

The school’s unique structure allows the students to embrace learning and unleash their creativity and growth. All of the teachers are trained in how to support and guide the students in this very caring environment. Our son looks forward to school everyday and we look forward to his continued growth and development at this positive and supportive school.

It truly is impossible to say just how wonderful Big Minds is. I am forever thankful that we heard about it. Our initial tour and meeting at the school lead to successful shadow days and we knew this would be a wonderful place for our son.” Stephanie


“We are so grateful that another family with 2e kids introduced us to Big Minds. Our son was already struggling in his second week of kindergarten – when I would go pick him up I would hear the other kids shouting at each other not to play with him because he was “mean”, as he was bossy, language delayed, and prone to outbursts because he was bored and unhappy.

It is his third year at Big Minds, and our daughter’s first. There has never been a day they were late getting out the door because they are so eager to get to school and, frankly, they find the weekend a bit of a drudgery because we can’t provide them with the quality of stimulation they get at school. Their natural curiosity is stoked and nourished, and they are developing increased confidence and competence across academic domains. 

My husband and I are both 2e as well, and we are also grateful, personally, for a school whose culture and structure is so supportive of folks who build their lives a bit unconventionally. The thing I treasure most about Big Minds is the scope of emotional and social support the kids receive. I work hard at home to teach them truly pro-social skills and it is such a relief to see these roots watered so deeply every single day at school. The teaching staff is compassionate, creative, positive, and beloved by all the families, and it is obvious they have all received all the support and guidance they need from Melanie and Judy’s combined wealth of expertise. Not a day goes by that we don’t have warm hearts and profound gratitude that our kids get to learn in such a wonderful environment.” – Amy


In my line of work, I see many children who are pathologized for being who they are in an educational system that doesn’t fit. I hope that Big Minds can set a standard for regular education, not just twice-exceptional. Big Minds has been a place where my son can be himself, make mistakes, and is encouraged to grow. Knowing that he is wired differently than the typical child makes a world of difference in how this is done. The teachers are able to engage with him in a relational, real-world, experiential way that suits his learning style.– Theresa