A Big Vision for Big Minds

A Big Vision for Big Minds

The staff and faculty of Big Minds Unschool are busy transitioning into the new school year. There are play areas to build, learning units to plan, and technology to program. To say we’re excited for the new school year to begin would be an understatement. This new year is the realization of our collective vision to provide an appropriate place for twice-exceptional children to learn and grow.

Asynchrony is a characteristic of giftedness, and it absolutely defines twice-exceptionality. A twice-exceptional seven year old may have the verbal and writing capabilities of a high-schooler but still struggle to recall basic math facts, misspell simple words, and completely melt-down due to a small change in routine.

There aren’t many places for a family to turn when they learn that their child is gifted and has a learning disability, also known as twice-exceptional or 2e . Even if a school has a robust understanding of giftedness, they likely don’t provide a strengths-based approach (or any approach) to address a 2e child’s lagging skills. Sadly, many gifted schools are still working through an outdated paradigm that giftedness equals achievement and that gifted children are good at everything.

Big Minds Unschool knows better.

Dr. Melanie Hayes, Big Minds Unschool Founder and Director is an expert in twice-exceptionality. She holds a doctorate in educational leadership, an MA in gifted education, a credential in elementary multiple subjects, and has 10 years experience teaching, mentoring, coaching, and advocating for 2e children. She also has a 2e son and daughter, so she experiences life with 2e children on an intensely personal level. She is intimately familiar with the joys and hardships of raising and educating exceptional children

Big Minds Unschool knows that twice-exceptional children have a complex constellation of high needs that requires an innovative approach and a caring environment. Many of our staff members are twice-exceptional! We know the depth of these kids’ needs, because we’ve lived it.

At Big Minds, children:

  • Swing on swings, build LEGO creations, or curl up with a good book
  • Learn math and language arts at their own pace with one-on-one creative mentoring
  • Form deep bonds with staff and students who are true peers
  • Participate in inquiry driven projects
  • Focus on their strengths and passions

Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Contact us today to learn more about the ways we are engineering education to work for twice-exceptional children and their families!