Our Mission


Twice exceptional children need schools to be think tanks for innovation, where the focus is on their strengths and passions.

They need to have choice in how, when, and what they learn.

They need access to information, materials, and technology.

They need adults to mentor and facilitate their ideas and creations.

They need to be nurtured and inspired from an early age.

Big Minds was designed to nurture budding 2e innovators and creators to  prepare them to bring their unique genius into the world.

Our goal for our students is that they will leave us with five skills:

  1. the ability to engage in creative inquiry and investigation as self-directed learners;
  2. the ability to research and critically analyze others’ research;
  3. the ability to communicate well, both orally and in writing;
  4. the ability to successfully navigate social interactions; and
  5. the ability to maintain a clear connection to their passions and areas of strength.