Author: Big Minds

The child who has been told multiple times not to throw sand at his classmates, yet he continues to throw sand. Or the student who will not stop talking when the teacher is talking. Or the one who repeatedly destroys other students’ creations. The child who says whatever comes to their mind, no matter how insulting or hurtful. You all know them.

Yesterday I was asked by a parent of a twice-exceptional (2e) child if there was such a thing as school trauma. This was from a parent whose child reported that every day at school was a “living hell.” Even if a 2e child manages to escape bullying (which is highly unlikely, as they are bully magnets),  they still must spend their days in a classroom that is not designed to support their needs.

The staff and faculty of Big Minds Unschool are busy transitioning into the new school year. There are play areas to build, learning units to plan, and technology to program. To say we’re excited for the new school year to begin would be an understatement. This new year is the realization of our collective vision to provide an appropriate place for twice-exceptional children to learn and grow. Asynchrony is a characteristic of giftedness, and it absolutely defines twice-exceptionality. A twice-exceptional seven year old may have the verbal and writing capabilities of a high-schooler but still struggle to recall basic math facts, misspell simple words, and completely melt-down due to a small change in routine.