Distance Learning

Distance learning information

We have replicated our onsite model to create a fully virtual school for those who prefer a permanent distance learning option. Our students are given a full school day experience, including 1:1 coaching, small interest-based classes with an average of 3-5 students per class, and fun social events built into every school day. Our students are engaged in live sessions with teachers, coaches, and fellow students throughout the school day. Our platform is designed to be accessible and user friendly, and most students can navigate their school day without parent support. Daily classes are based on student selected subjects (compiled from surveys sent to every student each semester). We are strengths-based, and students have 1:1 support to work on passion projects, based on those strengths and interests. We also provide weekly math and literacy coaching in a 1:1 setting that allows us to adapt for asynchronous development. This fall’s amazing schedule of classes can be found under the “Typical Day” tab. Big Minds’ way of learning is what happens when traditional barriers are removed and 2e students are allowed to customize their education. Online school should be a safe, fun, accessible, and exciting experience. If you are having to force your child to sign on for school each day, that system is failing your child. If you know that your child needs something radically different, come to Big Minds Online!

Big Minds On-Site, Pinole, CA

We know that online is no substitute for in-person for many students. While we are required to be remote learners during the pandemic, our on-site students are still able to fully engage in their academic and social community from 8:30-3:00, just in a virtual way. Individual Math, Literacy, and Programming Coaching sessions continue, one-to-one support for Passion Projects, built in socializing and time with teachers and friends are all still happening. Social-emotional support is offered to parents as well, through online parent support groups and one-to-one consultation.

As we move forward into the 2020-2021 school year, depending on in-person guidelines and restrictions, our preliminary plans are to cap onsite enrollment at 24 students, divide them into 2 cohorts, and offer 2 in-person days per week, per cohort. When their cohort is offsite, students will continue to have access to their coaching, classes, and social opportunities remotely. Should students need technology to access courses and coaching, Big Minds will provide this to their families as well. Students will have access to an online portal that is intuitive and tailored to their schedule, including notifications that match their accessibility levels, and direct pop ups for sessions to create an ease of access for all of our students. Our goal is for our site to be accessible to our students without needing much parent support.

Our on site learning will be as socially distant as possible given the unique needs of our students. Temperature checks, masks for staff and older students (as tolerated based on individual student sensory and health needs), flexible classroom options, outdoor classes, and continuous health and safety measures will be taken.

Please check in for updates regarding where we are with hybrid onsite/distance learning for 2020-2021.