Distance Learning

Distance learning information

Big Minds Online (Gr. 1-8)

Big Minds Online uses the same attachment-based and student advocacy-focused model as our in-person programming, but offers students the ease of attending from home. Students may sign on with a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone, to engage in learning that feels safe and accessible.

Our classes are designed by 2e educational experts, and are based around student interests, enrichment, and socialization opportunities. We regularly update our class offerings based off of student feedback, and we ensure that each student has ownership of their own learning. (Past classes have included Sustainable Living, Character Design, and Real-World Finances.) Our student-to-teacher ratio is 4:1, and each student receives 1:1 coaching from our 2e expert teachers.

Our online programming also includes many opportunities for socialization, such as student interest clubs, book and movie groups, and a Big Minds Minecraft server open to all students from 8:20 – 9:50AM each morning. Each online cohort has a dedicated group of teachers and administrators, so our students tend to build strong relationships with our teachers as well.

Big Minds Online includes a few more courses than our in-person programming, but this is only to build in further opportunities for enrichment. Students still have the freedom of taking all classes in ways that are safe and accessible to them. Some may choose to turn off their camera or microphone – others may jump on a trampoline while they’re listening. We work with each student and family to determine how to best meet each student’s needs, and we ensure that each student receives individual care and attention.


Home School Support Program (Gr. 1-8)

We understand that not every family needs a full-time school option, and that many students are best supported in homeschool and unschool environments. Others may attend school part-time and seek more engaging programs in addition to their standard courseload. Our Home School Support Program (HSSP) provides up to 3 hours of expert support per week for each student and their family. How this time is split depends on student needs – some may use it for 1:1 literacy and math coaching with one of our expert teachers, and others may use it for 1:1 collaboration with a teacher on a passion project (previous examples of passion projects have included coding, architecture projects, language-learning, and more!).

We give all of our students the freedom to learn outside of their grade level. Our coaches work hard to build safe, creative relationships with our students. We know that students need to feel safe before they can learn, especially with topics that are impacted by disability or previous chronic stressors. We strive to help every single one of our students bring their authentic self into their learning, and our HSSP program is no exception.


For enrollment and pricing information, please contact info@bigminds.org.

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