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Big Minds is an attachment-based, community-focused school designed to give Twice-Exceptional students the time and support necessary to grow into thoughtful, articulate citizens.

What makes Big
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One Teacher for Every Four Students

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Student-Directed Learning Journey

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Unique Support and Resources

Big Minds is a radically different accessible education program for Twice-Exceptional students, grades K-8. Our student-to-teacher ratio is 4:1, and all of our learning is done in project-based and strengths-led 1:1 or small group settings. We utilize what your student is passionate about as a vehicle for filling in the building blocks they might struggle with as part of their disability. Our focus is on socio-emotional development that supports both cognitive and creative growth. Students and teachers are continually engaged in a passionate, reciprocal learning process.

Our mission and curriculum are rooted in disability justice; we impress upon our students that being 2e means they are part of a greater community and that it is fundamentally a problem that the education system was not built for them. We want our students to leave Big Minds with the skills to navigate the world as it is and as socially literate humans who feel comfortable advocating for themselves.

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What is Twice-Exceptionality?

Twice-Exceptional (or "2e") is an emerging term for people who are gifted and also have one or more disabilities. While every one of our students is unique in their combination of giftedness and challenges, some common threads include struggles with socializing, perfectionism, lack of executive functioning skills, and general asynchronous social and academic development.

This learner profile is often overlooked, ignored, and outright failed by traditional educational settings. Our pedagogical methodology is designed explicitly for 2e learners, both catering to their strengths and accommodating their struggles.

Curious about how Big Minds Unschool serves Twice Exceptional K-8 Learners in Alameda County? Come by and find out! You can tour our campus, learn how we support 2e learners, and have a little fun! You are welcome to bring your children to explore as well. RSVP now!

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