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Campus Location
6691 Owens Dr
Pleasanton, CA 94588

To ensure equity and access, we offer individualized family tuition rates. Families submit their financial information via TADS online in order to determine a tuition level that is equitable for their family. Families are provided their tuition rate at the time of scheduling a shadow period and subsequently, upon offer of 90 day enrollment.

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About Us!

Our Pleasanton campus is spacious and new! We opened our doors to this site in August of 2021 and have been building our community ever since! Located within a business park, our school has a large gym and open space in the middle of the campus. Students engage in classes, coaching, and a quiet space to take a break in the smaller rooms. Although we do not have access to much outside space, our students love to play on the play structure we are constantly building and join our Walking Club for outside time. Students join us from surrounding areas and Pleasant Hill, Oakland, Castro Valley, Burlingame, Fremont, and Cambell.

What Makes Us Different?

Our campus opened as students began returning to school from the pandemic.  The new community of students have been building our culture at school ever since.  Almost all of our faculty have been on our campus since the day we opened our doors! Our parent community is very close and supportive.  

Our students love to play together and with us.  We often spend time creating new games, walking our fantasy animals around the campus, and engaging in role play games like Dungeons and Dragons. Our students love digital art, topography, anime, animals, robotics, and philosophical debates.  We are very into watching scientific videos like Kurzgesagt, playing Minecraft, and all things large (buildings, volcanoes, mountains, vehicles, etc.).  You can often find students riding scooters around campus, cheering on student-led musical concerts, or exploring our communities on our many field trips!

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