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Big Minds Online proudly services families from across the United States

To ensure equity and access, we offer individualized family tuition rates. Families submit their financial information via TADS online in order to determine a tuition level that is equitable for their family. Families are provided their tuition rate at the time of scheduling a shadow period and subsequently, upon offer of 90 day enrollment.

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Welcome to Big Minds Online!

The full-time, online school offering from Big Minds Unschool!

Built not only to mirror our onsite experiences, but to have a flavor and culture all our own, BMO is a great way for neurodivergent learners to “do” school.

BMO was born of necessity during the pandemic lockdown, but the advantages of the model for many families quickly became clear. Big Minds recognized that if this was carefully designed, it could open up choices for so many 2e learners. Our Full-Stack Software Engineer worked with our knowledgeable and experienced administration to design and troubleshoot a platform that is expressly built for us. With a portal for the students, we are able to create a sense of arrival and being “in” school. There, the students can engage in chat, communicate with their teachers, seamlessly enter their classes, experience bonus content we add daily, and more. Their executive functioning is supported by streamlining the experience so that the power of their big brains is funneled to classes and personal pursuits rather than the management of their schedule. With our platform, we are able to simultaneously preserve the students’ ability to choose what they wish to participate in and allow them to curate a more specifically chosen schedule if that serves their needs better.

About the Big Minds Virtual Campus

The BMO virtual campus is a place where students can experience a close-knit cohort of learners and teachers who enjoy silliness, wit, and curiosity. Through strong relationships with our teachers, the students develop greater emotional safety and self-direction. We strive for a motivating blend of exposure to fascinating content, opportunities to deepen their learning, abundant use of fun and humor to enhance the invitation to learn, and support for executive function, therefore reducing frustration. Our incredibly talented staff consistently designs hard-to-resist experiences that help to expose students to the nuances of subject matter to help them develop a well-informed point of view. A favorite way this happens is through our Boss Battle Days. This is a term borrowed from gaming language, meaning to pause the regular program for a specific focused effort. During those days, we create longer-format workshops around a central theme and send materials to your home to add dimension to the experience. We are passionate about helping these magical kiddos understand themselves better and be able to picture themselves participating authentically in the wider world of their future.

Support For Parents

Parents have access to regular support as well. While you won’t be engaging in the casual conversations of carpool pick-ups, you will experience strong communication facilitated directly through your own portal. This is a place to see daily logs of the classes your child participates in, messages from teachers and content they load for your student, Parent Update, which is a newsletter to families monthly with relevant content to support you, Progress Reports, family directory, and more.

Parents have frequent opportunities to meet with other BMO Parents for purposeful discussion as well as with the whole Big Minds Unschool community of parents for information and support.

Access to the Director, Amy Fox, is always just a simple email away!

Nationwide Support!

Our online division supports families from around the country, although many of our families live in areas that could attend one of our on-site programs. Big Minds Online is the school of choice for our families for many reasons.

  • Parents work from home and wish to free themselves and their children from commuting in the morning and afternoon, saving precious time in their day.
  • The sensory profile of the student is better served in their home environment, limiting the sensory stressors to a computer they can walk away from so they can feel less triggered and, therefore, more able to engage.
  • The family’s physical location prohibits attendance at our on-site schools, but the Big Minds experience resonates with them.
  • The student is working through emotional regulation challenges that would be more triggered in person or that benefit from staying home where they feel greater emotional safety.

Neurodivergent learners come with incredible gifts. We want them to be able to focus on those strengths with less burden. For many students, Big Minds Online gives them the place they need.

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