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Campus Location
1937 San Pablo Ave.
Pinole, CA 94564

To ensure equity and access, we offer individualized family tuition rates. Families submit their financial information via TADS online in order to determine a tuition level that is equitable for their family. Families are provided their tuition rate at the time of scheduling a shadow period and subsequently, upon offer of 90 day enrollment.

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Our campus is just blocks away from Pinole’s quaint downtown. It is very cozy and students often mention that it feels like home. Our days are busy and typically filled with activity, however, we are also able to find space for students to have some quiet time, read a book, or work individually on a special project. We are only a few blocks away from Fernandez Park, where our students greatly enjoy spending time climbing, running, and engaging in all kinds of collaborative, imaginative play, and are able to get some fresh air in the process.

Our faculty are all well-equipped to engage and inspire our students. They are all highly passionate and skilled in the subjects they teach, and it is clear that they are equally as passionate about participating in the education and social-emotional development of our wonderful 2e students. Our parent community is supportive and involved, and can often be seen helping with holiday parties, driving and chaperoning students on field trips all over the Bay Area, and hosting on-campus workshops that offer our students the opportunity to learn a new skill.

Our students greatly benefit from the relationships that they establish with staff and with their peers. They love participating in the development of our class schedule and always have new and exciting ideas about things that we can incorporate into our days to make them even more enjoyable. Students love to begin their day playing Minecraft, reading, or using Procreate in the art room. They prefer to have lunch or grab a snack on our expansive, covered deck, which allows them the opportunity to be outdoors, even when it’s raining. During class time, they can frequently be found playing Literacy Games, experimenting in Science classes, making music in Soundscaping, whipping up all kinds of wonderful treats in Cooking Club, creating their own countries in Micronations, or collaborating on something amazing in the Lego Room!

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