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Our Homeschool Support Program proudly services families from across the United States

To ensure equity and access, we offer individualized family tuition rates. Families submit their financial information via TADS online in order to determine a tuition level that is equitable for their family. Families are provided their tuition rate at the time of scheduling a shadow period and subsequently, upon offer of annual enrollment.

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Welcome to Homeschool Support!

Another fully online offering from Big Minds!

The Home School Support Program, or HSSP, gives families the opportunity to access the Big Minds approach in a more ala carte kind of way. In this program, we offer 1:1 learning experiences with the same highly talented teachers as in the BMO program.

Families can choose from 1-4 hours per week of mutual collaborative work in topics of the students’ choosing. The most typical format families choose is 3 hours per week, with 1 hour each devoted to mathematical thinking, literacy development, and the third hour to the student’s passions or special areas of interest. We break these hours into 30-minute blocks to facilitate student engagement. Additionally, parents can opt to use some of the time for parent coaching if they wish.

What to expect with HSSP

Within HSSP, we are able to explore virtually any topic that excites the student. The goals are to foster joy and curiosity while promoting the ability to become more self-directed over time. We focus on strengths and interests to help build the platform on which a student can see themselves thriving. Our teachers are the devoted and talented partners in this pursuit!

Why choose HSSP?

HSSP was created as it became clear that, for a variety of reasons, some students benefit from the Big Minds approach but do not desire a full-time school experience. Some of the reasons may include:

  • The student already has a successfully established learning rhythm at home but would enjoy or benefit from a coach with whom they can partner to extend the learning.
  • The student is less experienced with school, possibly younger, and is not ready for a full-day, every day experience.
  • Previous school trauma has caused a more limited tolerance for school engagement, so this is a way to ease back into a routine of school.
  • The family travels frequently, but keeping contact with an outside school entity provides stability for the student.
  • The parents enjoy the homeschooling process but desire additional support.
  • The student prefers a quieter, more focused learning experience or is not ready to be in a cohort of peers.
  • The student is devoted to an extracurricular activity, such as equestrian or music, and needs time in their schedule to foster their outside interests.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, as the reasons for choosing HSSP vary for each family!

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